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Simple Guidelines For A Typical Appointment or Procedure

Always Bring Your Prescribed Compression Stockings to Every Appointment
Is a Screening or Consultation right for you?

Your initial appointment will be either a screening or a consultation.

A screening is a short visit to answer questions or to establish if treatment of visible veins would fall under medical necessity or cosmetic. If Dr. Sirk believes you have symptoms that are considered medically necessary you will be given the opportunity to schedule a consultation. Cosmetic concerns can be discussed during the screening.

There is no charge for a screening appointment.

A consultation is a complete evaluation including an ultrasound if needed and takes about 11/2 hours. A consultation is scheduled when there is an obvious medical problem that needs addressed such as swelling, pain, skin ulcer, varicose veins or restless legs.

The consultation consists of a detailed past medical history, physical exam, and an ultrasound exam of the
deep and superficial veins. Dr. Sirk will review your history, physical exam and ultrasound findings and develop a
treatment plan if needed.

Insurance is billed for a consultation

Diagnosed with Venous Insufficiency?

Before having treatment for venous insufficiency, all insurance companies require that patients undergo from 6 to 12 weeks of conservative therapy consisting of exercise, leg elevation, compression stockings, and over the counter pain medication. If you have not met this requirement, specific requirements for your insurance company will be reviewed with you and a follow up visit scheduled after the required conservative is complete. If a procedure is needed, we will request a prior authorization from your insurance. After the prior authorization is obtained an appointment will be scheduled at your convenience.

Not a venous or lymphatic problem?

If your problem is not related to venous or lymphatic disease, we will help you narrow down the
possibilities and make appropriate referrals or recommendations.

After Your Procedure
There may be some swelling itching, bruising or discomfort as a result of your procedure. This is normal and ordinary over-the-counter pain medications will help. You can also use an ice pack on the affected area for additional relief. If an area becomes red, painful or feels warm to the touch, give us a call for a focal exam. We will look over the spot and make sure everything is healing the way it should. Please feel free to call us if you have questions.
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Things to Keep in Mind

You can go back to your normal daily routine after the procedure. Get up and walk, stay active, it helps the healing process. Keep the treated area out of direct sunlight and avoid any pressure exercises such as aerobics, or running on hard surfaces. Lastly, stay away from hot tubs, saunas, baths, heavy lifting and weight training for a minimum of 2 weeks.